Mobile App UI Trends to Follow this Holiday Season

Does anyone need reminding that Mobile apps have taken the tech world by storm? In 2018 alone, users downloaded a massive 194 billion mobile apps. Today, almost all existing and potential customers use apps to browse and purchase products and services.

But if your mobile app is not driving engagement, it might be down to its inability to provide a memorable user experience. Your mobile app design could be trendy, but if it lacks some key features, it might not deliver the results you expect.

Merely having an app on an app store will not help you drive conversions. Your app must offer the right experience across search, navigation, speed, performance, payment, and more, so you can achieve higher sales.

That’s why it’s important for you to constantly update your apps and provide a rich experience to your customers. The impending holiday shopping season has made this even more critical.

Here are some mobile app UI trends to follow this holiday season:

Functional animation: First and very important feature in mobile app UI trends is functional animation. During the holiday season, customers are spoilt for choice. The only way you can attract them is by offering content that is dynamic and attractive. Functional animation is a great way to make a good first impression. Using animated visuals is extremely effective in drawing attention as well as in keeping your audience engaged – so they have a great experience while browsing your app. You can also enhance animation by illuminating navigation, enabling seamless zooming, showcasing offers and discounts through attractive banners, among other ways.

High-quality images and videos: Second important feature in mobile app UI trends is high-resolution images and videos. Yet many apps falter here. During the holiday season, customers will look for lasting impressions. Use of full-screen background visuals and 3D graphics that make the app visually and emotionally appealing is a great way to impress customers. In addition, creative and catchy videos can attract the customers’ attention, while offering them the information they’re seeking – quickly and effectively – without them having to devote time reading through unending text about product features.

Digital illustrations: In mobile app UI trends, digital illustrations are also getting increasingly popular and are a great trend to follow this holiday season. Featuring a variety of styles, they effectively support the quick perception of information, while clearly communicating your brand identity. Using digital illustrations, you can enhance the look of your mobile app, empower users to take action, drive emotional appeal, as well as boost usability through intuitive navigation. You can tell an entire story – using just one picture – and add meaningful and informative content to your mobile app.

Visual storytelling: Visual storytelling is another mobile app UI trend you must follow this holiday season. Since customers will constantly be browsing through a bunch of mobile apps, looking for the products and services they need, you have very little time to catch their eye. Storytelling enables you to get your message across in a way that impacts customers quickly while improving recall. If you’re looking to create a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your customers, here’s what you can do: design special characters that are a part of your story, set the right storytelling atmosphere, and craft the messaging such that it aligns with the mood, tone, and voice of your brand.

Gestures and voice: Mobile buttons have long enabled app users to carry out an array of tasks – browse through categories, view the next page of products, go to cart, make payment and more. However, in mobile app UI trends, as AI gets increasingly more popular, in-app gestures and voice controls are witnessing an exponential increase in popularity. The holiday season is a great time to do away with buttons and give your users the freedom to interact with your app through gestures and voice commands. This way you can not only save precious space on the screen for more products but also make it easy for your customers to interact and do business with you.

AR: The holiday season is also a good time to embrace the advancements in Augmented Reality, which has slowly made its way into mainstream mobile app UI design trends. Not only does it help build an impactful and engaging experience, but it also helps in improving brand loyalty. As Ikea showed, by using AR, you can now allow your customers to visualize the products in a real-life setting: from clothes and accessories to furniture and home improvement products – there are many ways to drive higher conversions by incorporating AR into your mobile app this holiday season.

Improve customer experience

The holiday season is the right time to drive up the sales and revenue numbers. However, for that to happen, you will have to work on your mobile UI design trend to offer a stunning experience and leave a long-lasting impression. This holiday season make sure to incorporate elements such as functional animation, digital illustrations, visual storytelling, gestures and voice and AR into your UI design and set the stage for delivering an unmatched customer experience that drives higher revenue.

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