Mobile App Development

Background of the Field

Why is Mobility Practices is important for enterprises and companies?

Let’s explore!

Enterprises should always consider developing mobile app solutions for their customers as well as products, because the users spend most of the time by interacting with their mobile phone.

Whether you are in a healthcare, transport, aeronautics, mobility or any other domain, having a mobile app representing your corporate is always essential because your target user will be spending most of the time by interacting with your product and services through your mobile application.

Also, the mobility practices can provide an additional channel for your corporate by having a social media access. Thus, share comments and provide valuable input and feedback to you through social media.

Services we Provide

For mobility practices, here at AFour we provide services revolving around the multiple sections of the mobile app development ecosystem.

Consultancy Services: In consultancy services we recommend best practices in terms of architecture for the mobile app. Like, if there are some code coverages that we want to achieve, if there is a question of eliminating the technical date on the existing system we do provide consulting services in all those areas.

Besides that, we have an in-house UX/UI development team. The team is responsible for creating nice and latest user interfaces for the mobile and tablet app development. 

Next, we have an application development team. The team is skilled in various programming languages and operating system platforms. They help develop apps based on the customer’s requirement and on the various visual guidelines that are provided to them.

We also provide testing services; the testing can be done manually or in an automated way with great frameworks like Selenium or Appium.

We also support the deployment of the applications on to the various distribution platforms like, Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

We help our customers launch and publish their apps onto these stores and help them reach their end-users.

Problems Solved for the Customers

As a case study example, let us explore one of the interesting mobile app solutions which we have developed for one of our customers in the healthcare domain.

Our customer came up with an interesting idea of using face recognition using a mobile app.

We, with an inhouse team of developers developed the app for our customer.

This app can scan the user’s face and then this data to the concerned doctor for the treatment of the user/patient.

Based on the scanned image, the doctor can diagnose the potential problems and then provide medical advice to their patients. This way the mobile app solution helped both, the patients as well as the doctors.

Team Composition

We have a team of Android developers who are expert in Android platform; they can develop the mobile app using Java or Kotlin programming language.

We have a team of iOS developers well versed in Swift programming language and iOS provided SDK for the development of iOS apps.

We also have UI/UX engineers responsible for designing the interface of the mobile apps.

We also have a team of test engineers. Manual testers are responsible for creating manual test cases and executing them on mobile platforms.

We also have a team of Automation engineers who can automate test cases based on the requirement. They all can use various automation testing frameworks and platforms.

Tools & Technologies

At AFour, for Mobility practices, we use the latest tools and technologies which are provided in-house or by open-source frameworks.

For Android app development, we use Android SDK by Google, and for developing iOS we use iOS SDK by Apple.

We use the React Native framework for developing React Native mobile applications.

All these are done using the standard IDEs.

For Android app development we use Android Studio, for iOS its Xcode and for React Native its Visual Studio Code for the app development.

Beside these, we have expertise in developing progressive web apps for our customers.

Progressive app is an extension of the existing web app with some additional benefits that it offers to its customers, such as providing the push notifications and creating a shortcut into the users’ home screen.

We have the Right Tools, Techniques, and Environments to develop apps in Mobility Practices.