Pioneer: Migrating from Prem to Cloud – Challenges and Benefits

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Cloud computing has been accepted as the ideal standard everywhere. From personal-use smartphones to industry-size computers, cloud computing has transformed the way we store, access, and share data.

Cloud computing is widely hailed as a future-ready alternative to on-prem data storage, the traditional option for businesses. Many, however, have reservations about doing so. In this article, we examine the benefits of cloud versus on-prem and how businesses can make the transition smoother.

On-prem VS cloud

On-prem refers to an infrastructural setup that is deployed and operated privately by the organization. The company has complete control over software and hardware usage, with only authorized team members granted access to the data. The company also owns all of the hardware that the infrastructure is deployed through.

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of a comprehensive set of computing services over the Internet. Company data is stored on a highly secure third-party server and can be accessed by employees as and when they need to via an Internet connection.

Read the Full article at Pioneer.

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