Background of the field

Azure is one of leading cloud platform provider, offered by Microsoft in computing services like software, storage, compute & networking. 

These are classified into three main types:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Software Services
  • Platform Services

Cloud computing is less expensive when compared to an on-premise solution. This technology enables SME’s and startups to minimize their upfront cost on infrastructure provisioning.

Azure provides enterprise level platform for scalable & secure services. Azure provides reliable platform with minimum 99.9% uptime to maximum 99.999% uptime based on SLA’s

Services we provide

We provide solutions for accessing the existing infrastructure to migrate to Azure cloud as well as cloud native solutions & Azure DevOps solutions.

We provide mainly 2 types of services. 

  • Consulting services
  • Solutioning Services

As part of consulting services stream:

We assess the existing workloads for migration and cloud readiness. Thereby we can look at various options like lift and shift or application modernization as part of cloud migration or may be a text stack refresh. 

As a part of solution engineering stream:

We provide cloud native solutions as well as hybrid technology stack where in we will be able to use legacy text stack which will integrate with azure cloud

Business problems solved for the customers

Typical business problems that we have answered for our customers in cloud migration is nothing but a lift and shift migration, technical stack revamp and modernization using the legacy technical stack as well as Azure provided technical stack. Apart from that we did solutioning using purely cloud native solutions and technologies, which are offered by azure platform like Azure sequel, Azure Blob storage, Azure tables, Azure Redis Cache, Azure functions. These are some of the components; we have used to provide solutions as a part of our entire cloud journey.

Apart from that we did masters in our Azure DevOps strategies wherein we automated all our production deployment through Azure DevOps pipeline. Entire infrastructure management as well as source code deployments are handled through Azure DevOps.

Team Composition:

We have mix of experts ranging from architects to engineer level and predominantly our architects are Azure certified professionals. We also have DevOps engineers who can manage and define Azure DevOps pipelines. Our software engineers can develop products using cloud aware programing methodologies for their Microsoft text stack development as well as open stack development.

Tools & Technologies:

We use all popular services provided by Azure platform in the area of compute, storage, networking, analytics, software & development tools.

As part of development tools, we use visual studio code, SDKs or Azure functions.

As part of compute we use virtual machine, Azure container service, Azure blob storage.

As part of storage solutions, Azure queues, tables, we use all popular tools and services offers by Azure platform in the area of compute, storage, networking, database and analytics. 

As part of compute, we normally use virtual machines, Azure kubernates services, Azure container service, and service Fabric

As part of database solutions, we use Azure sequel database, Azure sequel warehouse and azure sequel on virtual machine

As part of developer tools, we use visual studio, visual studio online, visual studio code

As part of the continues deployment and delivery model, we use Azure DevOps 

As part of Azure DevOps, we use GIT repository for source control as well as TFS also.

As part of networking solutions, we use virtual network, Azure DNS, Azure traffic manager, Azure CDN

As part of security and identity services, we use Azure provided active directory domain services, VPN gateway, application gateway.