Java and Scala


Java stands to be the leading programming language by outshining other languages because of its versatile nature of allowing users to run applications on any processors regardless of the operating system.

At AFour Tech we aim to leverage the business performance of your organization by encompassing numerous enterprise applications that align your several business needs.

AFour Tech is forerunner in providing a full range of Java development services using latest and agile development technologies such as:

  • Spring
  • Liferay
  • Struts
  • Groovy & Grails
  • EJB
  • Hibernate
  • Hadoop and Big Data

Unlock the Potential of Java with AFour Tech

We believe one size doesn’t fit all

Keeping in mind our clients’ explicit demands our Java enterprise application development team have developed complex, enterprise-scale applications and solutions using different tools and framework. Being an industry leader in Java application development, we develop custom user and graphical interfaces to maintain and promote our clients’ brand identity.

Planning to migrate? AFour Tech is here to help you!

At AFour Tech our Java application developers have an extensive experience in flawless migration and re-engineering of applications built in Java. We have helped our numerous clients and created a benchmark in technology migration, Java application upgrade, database migration, application porting, etc. If you are planning to migrate then we are here to help you in integrating your Java applications with databases, OSs and third-party applications.

Why AFourtech?

Having spent years in research and development of technology products, we know technology. We have the requisite experience in identifying the right technology and the technical expertise to build, integrate and deliver an end-to-end solution to your business challenge. Having solved numerous Java application for our clients, we have built our own methodologies, and these serve as accelerators, enabling us to solve your challenges more proficiently.


Scala ‒ An acronym for scalable language which itself describes it’s out of the box capability of developing scalable applications.

At AFourTech, we have an outstanding team of Scala developers who provide extra ordinary quality Scala development services. We strive to provide our clients the opportunity to transform their existing working infrastructure and develop their software in Scala using Ruby on Rails and Django, and with other popular frameworks.

Benefits of Scala Development

Scala is a rapidly growing advanced programming language which has successfully set up a new trend that leads to hassle-free development while reaping outstanding benefits in an effortless and uncomplicated manner.

Scala has been incessantly grabbing the attention of a wider spectrum of people and is quickly gaining immense popularity. It is a perfect amalgamation of concise syntax of Ruby and firm enterprise support of Java.

Why Scala?

  • Built on JVM
  • Compatible with Java Programming Language
  • Simplicity in solving complexity issues
  • Can easily migrate to advanced platforms
  • Highly scalable with flawlessly performing backends
  • Can easily support XML
  • Can flexibly combine interface with behavior
  • Easily interpolates with Java and .NET

The AFourTech Advantage

AFourTech offers Scala web development services for businesses of different sizes. We can help you move your legacy systems to newer and more efficient technologies.

If your systems are still built on legacy frameworks using primitive programming languages, then its high time to update, and we are here to help you.

Our expert in-house Scala developers are capable of developing custom software meeting client’s needs. Some of the popular application development frameworks that we use to develop our clients’ software are:

  • Scalatra
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django
  • Play2
  • Lift
  • Circumflex

Services that we Offer

  • Scala Consulting
  • Web Applications
  • Platform as a Service (PAAS)
  • Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Scala Re-Engineering
  • Scala Mobile Development

Our team of engineers are always there to evaluate and analyze our clients’ goals and individual requirements while helping them determine which technologies and frameworks are best suited for their project.

Eradicating complexity from any project is AFourTech’s forte, and we do this by using the latest and most efficient frameworks available to respond to our client’s tailor-made needs within a reasonable time frame.

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