How Next Level Digital Technology will Transform Businesses

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When the Covid- 19 pandemic hit, going digital became the only way out for companies looking to keep doing business as usual. However, the truth is that digital transformation has been gathering pace for several years and was pushed over the tipping point by the pandemic. Now, as the world adjusts to the ‘new normal, businesses are treating digital transformation as not just a stop-gap measure but as a strategic tool to evolve, scale and adopt agile practices. Here, we examine the many positive impacts of a systematic move to digital and how software companies have been successfully making the shift.

Why businesses are opting for digital technology to power growth

According to Dell’s Digital Transformation Index 2020, eight out of ten businesses worldwide fast-tracked their digital transformation during the pandemic. With fast-tracking, however, comes heightened demand. Today, people are accustomed to things happening at lightning speed, from movie streaming to ordering food online to cranking up the room temperature with a simple voice command. Therefore, both internal and external customers are demanding faster and better technology solutions, which calls for an agile IT and networking environment where collaborating with the IT team is as easy as using the tools themselves.

– Subodh Parulekar CEO & CO-Founder, AFour Technologies

Read the full article SME WORLD November 2021

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