IHE is an initiative by healthcare professionals and software industry to improve the way EHR systems share information. IHE promotes the coordinated use of established standards such as DICOM and HL7 to address specific clinical need. Systems developed in accordance with IHE communicate with one another better, are easier to implement and enable healthcare professionals and patients to use information more effectively.

IHE conducts annual compliance verification events called Connectathon in USA and Eurpoe Based on feedback from the evaluators, EHR vendor can publish compliance statement for one or more profiles defined by IHE In order to ensure that the system fullfills connectathon verifications, IHE provides open source tools and set of tests to EHR vendors. AFour assists in configuring these tools, conducting the tests and identifying gaps between EHR implementation of profiles such as PIX / PDQ / XDS.b / CT / ATNA and standards expected for IHE compliance.

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