Brief about the Client and Product

The client’s product is a comprehensive solution that accelerates the operational needs of healthcare workflows.

The workflows include management services, consulting services, claims management, mental and behavioural health, and electronic data exchange (ePHI- which is a part of HIPPA compliance).

Kind of Engagement

AFour’s engagement with the client started around early 2019 as a part of application modernization.

Here we successfully re-engineered the two-decades-old system with a new technology stack.

As a part of this, we have successfully delivered release 1 with case management services as well as consulting providers’ services search.

Key Highlights and Achievements

The major challenge was to move from desktop application to web application where the application must comply with HIPPA standards w.r.t to data, privacy, and security.

We have successfully integrated with Bing Maps for showing the exact location of Consulting service providers.

Team Composition

The Current team comprises of 1 architect, 4 developers, 2 QA and 1 DevOps engineer.

Delivery Process and Communication

Communication plays a vital role when it comes to project updates, and we need to update our customer with regular updates to inform about the incremental progress done by the team.

For this, we have used Kanban model, wherein the team works on tickets assigned by the customer, and according to that, we schedule weekly demos.

As a part of the weekly demos, we demonstrate the developed features to our customer, who in turn, communicate with their internal stakeholders – thereby minimizing wastage of precious time on rework.

Tools and Technologies

We chose to stay with Microsoft Stack as we wanted to deploy this application on Azure cloud platform.

We choose ASP.Net MVC 6, popularly known ASP.Net Core2.2 for development.

Whereas, for the backend database SQL 2019 was used.

For rich user experience, we chose DevExtreme controls to implement and for Bing maps we have used Microsoft Bing API.