Brief about the Client and Product

Client is a NASDAQ listed company and a global technology leader in robotic assisted and minimally invasive surgery.

They develop, manufacture and market surgical systems.

The company strives to make surgery easier and effective for surgeons, patients and their families.

Our client is a proven leader in surgical robotics; they have achieved this by increasing the adoption of minimal surgery.

Client has a number of applications and portals with large test cases and short release cycles.

AFour helps them in automating the test cases which in turn helps them in release testing.

Brief about the Kind of Engagement

The project was kicked off in 2016.

The initial engagement was to automate test cases for one of their applications.

Till date, we have automated 250+ test cases which are still in use for every new release of the product.

There are three releases every year, and every time we execute the entire automation suite.   

At present, we are involved in web, mobile and SAP test automation of multiple products.

We are also involved in release testing and production deployment support.

Key Highlights and Achievements

We have achieved maximum ROI by automating manual processes.

With automation, we successfully reduced the release cycle from 3months to 3 weeks.

We have helped our client in achieving optimal test coverage of their products with test automation. Also, with the optimization of the processes resulted in streamlined release testing.

 We tailored our test framework according to the client’s needs to support multi-lingual, multi-platform automation for web and mobile.

 Team Composition

 The team consists of one project manager, three principle leads and seven SDETS.

The SDETS are proficient in JAVA and are hands-on with mobile test automation framework.

They are also proficient in Tricentis TOSCA suite, which helps in SAP automation.

Project Delivery Process and Communication

We work with waterfall as well as agile methodologies.

 For seamless communication daily and weekly status reports are shared regularly with the client.

We also regularly communicate with onsite coordinators and other specific stakeholders.

We schedule daily calls with business analysts and weekly calls with stakeholders.

Tools and Technologies

We have used Selenium/Java for web automation.

For mobile automation, we have used Appium as well as Perfecto, which covers Android, iPhone and iPad testing.

 For ERP applications like SAP and SAP-Ariba, we are using Tricentis Tosca Suite.

Also, we have integration of automation scripts with test management tool Hp-ALM.