Brief about the Client and Product

Today, there’s a large-scale growth and rapid evolution of requirements in Industrial IoT.

For this, there was a dire need of a cloud-inspired infrastructure that is closer to the end devices with real-time, scalable, safe, and secure capabilities.

And so, the concept of Fog Computing has evolved into what it is today. 

Our client is the pioneer of Fog Computing. IT is a platform that inserts distributed resources at the edge with Cloud-like management and real-time capabilities. 

It bridges the gap between end devices and the Cloud infrastructure.

The platform brings real-time aware virtualization, distributed analytics, centralized fleet management, secure application hosting, multi-tenancy, and role-based access control. 

It is done with a single point of data aggregation from the production floor to cloud applications.

Kind of Engagement

AFour’s engagement with the client started around 3 yrs back with the POC, where the requirement was the development of test tools in python that would auto-generate test cases for their swagger based rest APIs. 

Later we developed CLI based SDK to manage the customer assets and provide easy development of their applications. 

Then we proceeded further with provisioning & deployment of the customer applications on the edge devices to achieve communications and real time data analysis with the robots and other IoT enabled devices.

We also worked on the development of various APIs for app hosting, RBAC, Data streams and many more.

As Afour is known for its 360-degree services, this engagement is not only just limited to the Backend Development. 

We have worked on UI/UX Design & Development, Manual and Automation testing, Build and Release Management and DevOps.

We provided complete test coverage for this edge computing platform by performing functional, regression, performance, security, longevity, acceptance testing and many more. 

We have developed robust API and UX Automation frameworks and automated thousands of test cases and integrated into CI/CD for daily sanity runs.

Moreover, a Web Application for this platform was also built. 

With our Build and Release management process, we created and deployed software releases on AWS/Azure and on-prem servers.

Key Highlights and Achievements

One of the biggest milestones that we have achieved is by migrating the UI from AngularJS to Angular 7 that offers substantial benefits like improved user interface, higher security, seamless maintenance and an overall improvement in the application performance.

Then comes the development of Alarm and Monitoring Daemon, Cluster Management for High Availability, libraries to manage long-running tasks, internalization & localization and so on.

And for sure, we celebrate our achievements and the success of release with wonderful team outings

Team Composition

AFour’s engagement started with just two people in the team.

Gradually it expanded to 2 BE developers, 2 UI Developers, 1 UX Developer, 1 UX Designer, 2 Test Engineers and 1 Build and Release Engineer.

Project Delivery Process and Communication

We do follow agile methodology with internal scrum meetings, client calls, and daily status reports. 

For communication, we use slack and zoom. We also use tools like Asana for managing our tasks.

Tools and Technologies Used

We use a wide range of Tools and Technologies –

– Python as a programming language for developing Rest APIs, SDK, Test Automation frameworks.

– Java for customizing swagger codegen

– RabbitMQ as the messaging Broker