The goal of this project is to create a template for web / Rest applications that will help developers save time. This allows the developer to focus on the business logic/requirements because the initial architecture setup, including security, will be available for various frontend-backend technologies.

The Benefits!

  • Provides basic code structure along with dependencies.
  • The microservice architecture allows fast and independent development of different business features and is easy to incorporate into the existing systems.
  • Supports a combination of multiple front-end and back-end technologies.
  • Provides a running dev environment for testing.


  • Security: Authentication & Authorization.
  • Basic Unit Testing.
  • Logging / Monitoring mechanism.
  • Support for different databases at Back-End.

We are currently supporting Angular as the front-end and Java as the back-end. We are planning to add support for a few more languages/frameworks soon. Some examples are:  

  • React as front-end and Java as back-end.  
  • Angular as front-end and Python as back-end.  
  • React as front-end and Python as back-end.