Since its inception in 2007 AFour has been focusing on test automation and associated quality engineering services. As on 1st April 2016, AFour has 150+ test automation engineers with average experience of 3+ years with rich experience and exposure to variety of open source as well as commercial test automation tools and platforms. DevOps services got introduced in AFour as natural extension of the scope of work, where customer asked for breaking down tests into Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD).

In a typical agile sprint model, customers provide nightly builds where automated deployment scripts are executed for deployment and automated integration tests are executed, identifying issues earlier in the life cycle of a release. Towards the end of the sprint, automated deployment scripts ensure that the packages are ready for the release by deploying them in the staging environment and executing regression test cases to ensure accuracy of the functionality. During production deployment same automated deployment scripts are executed for deployment and part of the regression test cases are executed for verification on the production. Almost 50% of AFour customers now utilize AFour test automation talent for automated testing as well as DevOps activities.

Based on the customer requirements and AFour learning initiatives, AFour automation team has got exposure to following DevOps related tools and platforms.

  • Gradle
  • Apache Mesos
  • SonarQube
  • Sonatype Nexus
  • LibreNM
  • Ansible
  • Jenkins
  • SaltStack
  • Chef
  • Puppet

Among SME software services organizations AFour has been leader in the space of functional and non functionaltesting automation. AFour has rich mobile automation test lab which is being used by remote clients. AFour has excellent team which uses its existing test automation accelerators / framework templates and high productivity rates to quickly get considerable amount of test case automated and provides daily reports of test automation at a very effective cost. Customer can take control of their automation asset and AFour can maintain that asset with a minimal retainership cost or project by project basis.

Starting with broad and deep experience of its top management in test automation, in the past 9 years, AFour has added huge experience in design and development of test automation solutions. Some of the tools and platforms that AFour has extensively worked on are:

Functional Verification:

  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Calabash
  • Sikuli
  • iMacro
  • CodedUI
  • White
  • Microsoft UI Automation Library
  • Unified Functional Tester (UFT)
  • Rational Functional Tester (RFT)
  • eggPlant

Performance Verification:

  • JMeter
  • Microsoft VSTS Load Test
  • Loadrunner
  • RPT

Security Verification:

  • AppScan
  • Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)
  • Burp

DevOps Services We Offer :

Infrastructure Provisioning

  • Setting up private open stack cloud with 100 + instances
  • Setting up instances on AWS
  • Automated provisioning of Instances on open stack using Heat
  • Automated deployment of applications using Ansible playbook
  • Deploy Hadoop clusters for analytics
  • Deploy a farm of web servers
  • Deploy cluster of MongoDB servers
  • Deploy Message bus e.g. MQTT broker
  • Deploy cluster of Kafka / Storm for streaming

Configuration Management

  • Build Engineering – Branching, Labelling, Conflict resolution
  • Configuration Management – Bitbucket Stash, Bamboo
  • Jira integration with bit bucket
  • Automated downloading of application source code from repositories like GitHub using CI tools like Jenkins
  • Automated building of application source code using ANT, Gradle triggered from Jenkins using multiple slave nodes

Monitoring Instances and Applications

  • Monitoring cloud infrastructure using Nagios and LibreNMS
  • Monitoring cloud instances – CPU, memory, network, HDD, services, ports
  • Monitoring application services – CPU, memory, network, HDD, services, ports
  • Alerts and email notifications

Continuous Integration Testing

  • Automated testing of applications triggered from Jenkins using multiple slave nodes
  • Automated execution of BAT, Regression and Complete test automation suites
  • Integration of test automation with test management tools – test link for updating test results

Disaster Recovery

  • Automated backup and restore of open stack instances and volumes using shell scripts recommended by openstack
  • Automated backup and restore of open stack component servers using 3rd party applications


  • Building docker scripts with OS and applications hosted
  • Deploying docker scripts and creating multiple instances
  • Orchestration of applications using docker compose

Mobile Applications

  • Automated building of iOS mobile app using Xcode
  • Automated building of Android mobile app using Gradle
  • Automated building using Jenkins and 2 slaves for iOS and Android
  • Integrated test automation in Jenkins which gets triggered automatically post successful iOS and Android builds
  • Publish apps to iStore and Play store after test automation is successful

Continuous Integration – Component Testing using Dockers

Continuous Integration - End to End Testing using Dockers