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Date: 00/00/2024

Why Should You Attend These Webinars?

Today, DevOps has proven to be a useful practice and helps in accelerating the company’s growth. This field requires hands-on experience with development, operations, and automation. Almost every day, newer technologies and tools are being developed and released, which are enhancing this practice. Being an expert of these tools is the need of the hour.

Community Building

Connect with like-minded professionals to form a network that contributes to the Linux ecosystem.

Expert Insights

Learn from leading experts in Linux, offering valuable knowledge and industry insights.

Practical Learning

Engage in hands-on sessions for a deeper understanding of Linux OS, File Systems, and more.

Diverse Technologies

Explore a range of topics including Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, and Containers.

Stay Informed with Exclusive Webinar Insights and Curated Highlights

Join our community to access exclusive webinar insights and carefully curated highlights. Stay ahead of the curve as industry experts share valuable knowledge, trends, and best practices.

Who Can Be A Part Of This Community?

Are you interested in the DevOps, starting from very fundamental concepts of source code management? It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, a test engineer, an automation engineer, or anyone from the software development lifecycle who wants to learn or brush-up their skills. You are welcome to be a part of this awesome community of tech enthusiasts who are ready to share their knowledge as their adventurous journey.

What can you expect from these webinars?

The team of DevOps experts at AFourTech will deliver sessions on DevOps practices and tools which are in demand and will give out pointers and food for thoughts! Together we will dwell into the depths of DevOps practices and learn how to implement it in different scenarios.


Whether you're experienced or just starting, your coding skills can grow and contribute significantly here

Automation Engineers

Explore innovative automation techniques and share your expertise in streamlining processes.

Test Engineers

Gain insights into the latest testing methodologies and enhance your QA skills.

Tech Enthusiasts

If you're passionate about technology and eager to learn, this community is the right place for you

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