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Why is cybersecurity important?

With an increasing number of users, devices, and programs in the modern enterprise, combined with the increasing deluge of data -- much of which is sensitive or confidential -- the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow. The growing volume and sophistication of cyber attackers and attack techniques compound the problem even further.


360° Protection

Our full range of products and services doesn’t leave any space for malicious outages.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing team can identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities in web apps before an intruder has the opportunity to infiltrate your network or computer system. 

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile application security focuses on the software security posture of mobile apps on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. 

Cloud Infrastructure Penetration Testing

90% of organizations have assets in the cloud and it is critical to put security first to protect these organizational assets from adversaries. Our teams help in identifying threats to harden your cloud infrastructure security posture.

IoT Penetration Testing

IoT security is the technology segment focused on safeguarding connected devices and networks in the internet of things (IoT). 


Trying to get to DevSecOps?

Here's your road map

DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It's an approach to culture, automation, and platform design that integrates security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT lifecycle.

Application development has fundamentally changed as a result of the rise of DevSecOps, which has significantly reduced time-to-release, facilitated cross-functional collaboration, improved application security, and enabled unprecedented agility. The advantages are obvious, but transitioning to a DevSecOps-based development approach – and doing it well – represents a significant challenge to many organizations’ traditional ways of working.

At AFour Technologies, we ensure that security is built into cloud-based services from the start, through development, production, and decommissioning. Using lightweight, pragmatic approaches that are suitable for continuous delivery, security can be incorporated into agile working practices. Our strategy empowers teams while lowering the risk.

Ready to see how Cyber Security Services can help?

Need a hand with your security program? Let our cyber security experts help.


Secure Your Business To The Core

While ensuring your systems are secure, we also pay attention to speedy delivery and ensuring continued security throughout your business processes. In addition to that, we help you save costs.

Ensure end-to-end system security

Ensure your security and risk mitigation through dedicated security testing solutions across client-side, server-side, and third-party code libraries.

Get security integrated at the scale and speed of Agile

Your SDLC gets thoroughly integrated with security tooling, as our application security testing orchestration (ASTO) process utilizes a DevOps approach.

Gain greater threat awareness before they even appear

You can identify vulnerabilities early on through our advanced cyber engineering that utilizes tools to enable enhanced penetration testing practices.

Make systems threat-free for the longer run

We introduce, grow and maintain your application security within the development process by developing a customized program partnering with you.

Why Do You Need Cyber Security?

It's not a matter of "If" the company's data or digital assets are going to be compromised, it's a matter of how prepared one is when the threat is detected, and how seamlessly one is able to recover from a system or security breach. 

AFour's Cyber Security services are inevitable for organizations that operate or have access to confidential data. Our services provide a detailed overview of the threat environment of an enterprise, which enables organizations to make informed risk management decisions that eventually leads to a higher defensive posture, while also enabling business leaders to protect areas that matter the most.


We have been engaged with the AFourTech team for our regular security audits for the last 3 years. The team is very knowledgeable and proactive. They help us in different types of security tests for our platform – AWS infrastructure audit, vulnerability testing, code audits, etc

Vineeth Narasimhan
Founder & CTO – Kristal AI

AFour Technologies has been a great partner for securing our OdXel IOT Solutions. The AFour team of experts created a comprehensive security strategy to handle the complex security challenges associated with IOT products.

Kapil Nair
Director-Conexao Technology


Our employees are consistently pushing the bar and are inducted into the hall of fame of various sites and brands for reporting security issues, exploitation issues, and vulnerabilities. Some of them include Oracle, Percona, Dell Technologies, Nokia, TechGig, Motorola, Yesware, iRobot, BitDiscovery, Skyscanner, Centrify, Cybrary, Cloudinary & Inflectra.

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What else can we help you with?

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We are a classical DevOps services provider, like designing automation infrastructure and configuration management, designing CI/CD pipelines focused on build engineering and related automation, and CloudOps services.


Our UI/UX designers designed and implemented a custom keyboard for the entire product interface, which brought in a lot of positive feedback from the end-users.

Test Automation

We automate test scenarios for API, web application, as well as mobile application interfaces. Recently we have conducted a few POCs for automating test scenarios of smart device interfaces.

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