Cloud Testing Services

Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit board is increasing exponentially, with a doubling time of roughly 18 months. Similar laws for storage and network capacity have also been observed and this has caused a new space in computing called as ‘Cloud Computing’. Cloud Computing (a.k.a. Cloud Testing Services) is an umbrella concept where in frastructure (storage, networking, processing, memory, etc.)is offered as shares of abstracted hardware components and software applications offered as online services. Big companies working in open-source as well as commercial products arena are focusing on offering their applications / solutions as services over the private / public / hybrid clouds. Along with low cost hardware availability of such services it enables heterogeneous types of devices to avail such cloud testing services.

At AFour, we have been matching and exceeding the customer expectations in cloud computing by offering the expert in cloud testing services over various mobile and desktop devices.

AFour has assisted its client in testing their VM backup, application monitoring services over private clouds such as CloudSigma, Rackspace, Virtacore. AFour assisted client in testing performance and scalability of the enterprise healthcare product over Amazon EC2 instances and thus saving significant cost of the internal performance test lab setup. AFour developed defect management tools over Microsoft Azure cloud and analyzed test automation approach towards Microsoft Azure applications. AFour has been QA partner to a cloud service provider and has been testing cooperative cloud storage solution from functional as well as nonfunctional perspective.

Wide Support For Cloud Deployment / Migration

  • Excellent experience with top cloud systems – OpenStack, AWS, Azure
  • Experience with other cloud testing service providers
  • Experience with monitoring systems of different cloud providers

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