Brief about the Client and Product

Today we are discussing about the client in the Storage domain – specifically, Object Storage domain.

They are one of the open-source providers of object storage service for public, private and hybrid cloud and also a provider of multiple entry point solutions providing unified space across object storage and conventional Network storages like NFS and SMB.

Their core product is a multi-cloud data storage and management solution for data-driven applications and workflows.

It is an on-premise, scale-out, and geographically distributed object and file storage product that starts from 10s of terabytes and expands to 100s of petabytes.

The Second part of the product:

This is a hierarchical file system that provides integrated file and object API access to the data stored with an object storage back-end.

This is not a gateway system and its integrated into core of cloud OS ‘s object storage to enable direct S3 and native object API access.

This makes it compatible with its corresponding projects for S3 API and public cloud synchronization.

Kind of Engagement

Started around 5 months back and we have been part of their Quality team. We have been working on various types of assignments starting from Automation, tooling, CI/CD pipeline creation, maintenance and monitoring etc. Just to name a few.

Key Highlights and Achievements

This is a very cutting edge technology as Object storage has proven its importance in the cloud computing era. Many online businesses starting from CDN i.e. Content delivery network to generic cloud computing are making use of these technologies. So far, we have contributed to a great extent in maintaining the quality that needs to be assured in the fast-paced agile world. We have contributed to the automation of test cases, tools and utilities that make our daily life easy and gets it on the faster pace.

Team Composition

As we are starting with a small team its just 2 engineers’ team.

Project Delivery Process and Communication

Project delivery is truly agile. For faster communication, we are relying on slack channels mostly and the communication happens as if it’s integrated team across geographies, we sync-up on weekly basis on video conference calls

Tools and Technologies Used

The project uses GitHub as software development version control system. The product is developed using multiple industry leading technologies including GoLang, Python, shell, ansible, containers. The product also supports other industry leading object storage technologies and systems.

The development and testing is enabled with containerized all-in-one one click deployment solutions. etc.. The set of technologies and languages that we are using Python, GoCD, Shell across the Ubuntu, centOS and other Linux variants and windows platforms.