Champion the diversity in the face of adversity’ – 30 quotes of the week on entrepreneurship and leadership

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From setbacks to success, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. Share these 30 gems and insights from the week of March 14-20 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

  • The biggest risk in life is not taking risks. – Bachendri Pal
  • Startups depend on subsequent rounds of funding to keep the operations alive as they don’t have positive cash flow or profitability for many years. – K Ganesh, Growth Story
  • Streaming and putting processes in place for financial governance is critical to drive growth and sustain it, especially for a startup. – Sumitra K C, Sastodeal
    While many say leadership can be lonely, it doesn’t have to be, if one nurtures their ecosystem of allies and celebrates them, as part of their journey. – Divya Amarnath, Infosys Leadership Institute
  • Leaders must send the message and show by example that delivering quality solutions are important across all levels. – Subodh Parulekar, AFour Technologies
  • There’s never been a more critical time to put people at the heart of your business. – Tanmaya Jain, inFeedo
  • The relationship between employees and companies is changing radically, forcing leaders to rethink their approach to their most precious resource: talent. – Arpit Beri, Jungle Ventures
  • Building an environment of trust and transparency is proving very essential in terms of bringing the best out of people. – Sachin Agrawal, Bizongo
    Many times, conflicts are due to non-aligned priorities or objectives of groups or individuals. – Nilesh Gudhe, Bynry
  • It all starts with hiring…One must hire the right people who appreciate the value of performance and the importance of their role in the organisation. – Manish Rathi, IntrCity
  • Building a good product for the targeted market is essential, but ensuring the right product-market-fit is even more critical to avoid unnecessary pivots in the future. – Nishant Jain, Netcore Cloud
  • Before you can even reach the point of money actions, you need to tap into a person’s money psyche, their money feelings, their money habits and then you can possibly influence actions. – Aditi Sholapurkar, Salt
  • Leasing as a solution allows you to be free of an encumbrance and enjoy the benefits of self-reliant mobility without making a dent in your pocket. – Sunil Gupta, Avis India


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