Care Of Things

Care of Things (CoT) is a Home as well as Industrial Automation Software System which is based on the principals of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT).
Industry 4.0 as well as IoT bring together power of internet and remote (cloud) processing to make automation very cost friendly and also provides lot of information and automated decisions which are extremely useful for business growth, increasing quality of service, reliability as well as helps in proactive decisions.
Attached herewith is an 60 seconds infographic brochure providing quick overview about the CoT platform and associated Home as well as Industrial automation products.
CoT has come up with following products for Industrial as well as Home Automation:
  • Tap a Drop – It is fluid resource monitoring and controlling product (e.g. Water, fluid chemicals, perishable liquid products) which tracks quality as well as quantity of these resources in storages / warehouses as well as during transport
  • Smart Electricity – It is electricity usage monitoring and notifications product
  • Smart Office – This product offers continuous monitoring of things like fire safety sensors, security personnel and electricity usage and provides instant notifications for any violations.
Our existing customers (Home Users, Corporate Users, Industrial Users, Laboratories) are already observing monitory as well as other benefits from one or more of these products. Taking inspiration from this we are coming with more products in the following areas:
  • Smart Labs – Remote monitoring and controlling of lab experiments
  • Smart Municipal Corporations – Smart transport, smart waste management, smart emergency network, smart task tracking
  • Smart Agriculture – Smart soil management, smart irrigation, smart crop monitoring