BioSpectrum – “Health industry will experience biggest tech advancements in next five years”

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How is Afour driving digital transformation in healthcare companies?

AFour is facilitating the digital transformation efforts of organisations ranging from the ones building medical robotic systems to those involved in the democratisation of the prescription drug market. Even as digital transformation experiences significant acceleration during the pandemic, AFour is helping its partners build intelligent healthcare solutions like:

– Managing appointments and logistics to conduct patient vaccination services for covid and flu.

– Solutions to enable remote healthcare services where doctors and patients can maintain prescriptions online, search and make online purchases of medicines from drugstores that are near the patient, at a reasonable cost.

– A platform for clinical trial transparency, disclosure compliance and patient engagement.

What new-gen healthcare companies/ startups should deploy to emerge successfully?

The digitalisation wave in healthcare has resulted in customer-centric solutions and practices. New-gen healthcare companies/startups must aim at simplifying and enhancing the customer experience. Moreover, COVID-19 has caused a lot of disruption in the healthcare industry.

Read the Full article at BioSpectrum.



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