Any product’s Maintainability, Extendibility, Reliability, and Scalability depend upon how robust the architecture is and the quality of the server-side development.

Services we provide

We have a very diverse experience in product engineering; we have helped clients with our Backend / API Testing & Development services to build web, mobile, embedded software, and micro-services-based business-driven enterprise applications. We offer end-to-end Backend Development and API Testing Services in USA and India comprising of Architectural Design & Development, Prototyping, Digital Transformation, Technology migrations, and Sustenance Engineering.

Business Problems we Solved for our Customers

AFourTech’s sound expertise in front end development includes E-Commerce, Retail, Healthcare and Entertainment domain.

For one of our customers working in the oil and gas industry, we built a cross-browser platform is used to configure, manage, trend and report solutions as well as allow field technicians to make necessary changes to the individual configurations.

We built the customer engagement platform, which helps in getting the end-users to the restaurant, retailer, hotel or event they want to visit. Here businesses will be able to integrate transportation solutions as part of their branding/marketing strategy, leveraging the rides provided by the platform to drive increased spending and enhanced customer loyalty. 

An enterprise social network brings the power of social networking to the enterprise. This networking can be done through employee connections. This process helps friends and colleagues in the company to Connect, Converse, Collaborate and unleash the power of Enterprise Social networks.

Our Backend / API Testing & Development Services developed a Real-Time Network Security Monitoring platform to Monitor and configure the network systems comprising of appliances, devices, and sensors. Visualization of N/W topology in real-time, capturing the devices and sensors with their communication including protocols, violations & anomalies in the system. 

An APP, which is a statistic, based behavior recognition and tracking tool that assists users in their quest for self-discovery, thereby leading them to live a more purposeful and content life. For a few minutes of investment per day, users can learn about their unique key drivers of driving satisfaction and track their overall sentiment as they progress through their life’s journey.

An application that discovers on-premise as well as cloud-native resources and provides equivalent and right-sized cloud templates.

We developed a SaaS solution for Remote Monitoring & Actionable output for a Solar plant for collecting data from different locations and inverters embedded with data analytics functionality. The solution supports power plants in 12 different states, handling 14 different inverter companies in 104 unit locations.

Backend / API Testing & Development: Team Composition          

Our team comprises of seasoned architects who are design and technology experts and can assist in selecting the right software solution for tailor-made requirements. AFour has production experience with .NET, Java, Python, Django, Node.js, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL along with cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, and Google.

Tools and Technologies, we Use

Tools and technologies, we expertise in are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Java, .NET, Python, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL along with cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, and Google.


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