Architectural Design & Development

Does your solution need to be Performant, or are you looking for Maintainability, Extendibility, Reliability, and Scalability? And certainly, you might also be looking at the market and your competition!

Often, there are key factors that form the core of any solution. These factors are often at loggerheads. One factor comes at the cost of another factor. E.g. Performance versus Maintainability. The key is to identify the trade-offs and engineer a solution accordingly.

The software architecture of a system depicts the system’s organization or structure and provides an explanation of how it behaves. A system represents the collection of components that accomplish a specific function or set of functions. In other words, the software architecture provides a sturdy foundation on which software can be built.

A series of architecture decisions and trade-offs impact quality, performance, maintainability, and overall success of the system. Failing to consider common problems and long-term consequences can put your system at risk.

Software design includes all activities that aid in the transformation from requirement specification to implementation. This includes Software Requirement Specification, HLD’s and LLD’s. This not only helps in identifying design risks but also mitigate them early during the development process.

AFour Technologies provides a comprehensive range of software product architecture, design, and development services. At AFourTech, we believe in helping companies create products that can make a big difference to their business.

With our vast experience in software architectural design and development expertise, we have helped clients build software Industry 4.0, mobile, web 2.0, embedded software, and business-driven enterprise applications. Our in-house team comprises of seasoned design and technology experts who can assist in selecting the right software solution for tailor-made requirements.

Our Offerings

Software Architecture Analysis:

During the stage of software architectural analysis, we emphasize on various key aspects including Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Data Architecture and Technical Architecture.

Gaining insights into the Business Strategy helps us to understand the blueprints of the application systems in terms of structuring and deployment. Understanding storage mechanisms and infrastructure is vital to gain further data insights. All this supported using hardware, software and IT infrastructure, an understanding of which is core to the system in terms of functionality and cost.

Legacy Modernization Evaluation:

After the software architecture analysis is done, then the “legacy modernization evaluation” comes into the picture. In this stage, we figure out the capabilities of any existing system by selecting the appropriate areas related to business such as: scalability, performance, maintainability, etc. We help companies to amalgamate/integrate their new systems into the existing ones by creating a detailed architecture improvement vision document to help companies mitigate issues with obsolete technology systems.

Architecture Project Support:

This is one of the most crucial phases of this service offering. We employ best in class industry standard tools, and documentation, while adhering to client’s specifications and standards. We work with design, technology, testing, and support service teams to ensure the product development supports client’s requirements, and at the same time strictly adhering to the product design specification document and ensure that the project is always on track.

“Innovative ideas to improve architectural design and development are always a vital part of our software development process.”