AFour will conduct its entire business on the foundation of strict adherence to basic business ethics and the laws of the land.

Our responsibility as an organization will be to the following in the given order of priority:

  • Our customers who use our services.
  • Our employees.
  • Our suppliers and consultants.
  • Our shareholders.

What we aspire to be as an organization:

We want to be known for our customer care, predictability, reliability, integrity, and creativity. We want to be team-based and a mix of formal as well as a fun working environment. We want to be an organization with happy customers, happy employees, happy suppliers, and happy shareholders.

Ethics and Transparency:

All our actions will be governed by basic rules of ethics. We will not do anything that violates any agreement/contract or law of the land. We will hence NOT indulge in activities such as:

  • Giving bribes to customers for seeking business.
  • Accepting bribes from suppliers or employees for favours.
  • Avoiding payments that are legally due – such as taxes.
  • Making wrong commitments on purpose, giving wrong information or taking actions that are unethical.
  • Delivering sub-standard service on purpose.
  • Breaching confidentiality agreements.

We will train all our employees to incorporate these rules in all their dealings.

Following are some examples of unethical conduct that we will do everything in our power to prevent and punish:

  • Providing false information about a project (e.g. billing hours).
  • Hiding important changes in projects from customers (e.g. resource changes, major risks, time-lines).
  • Making business decisions in the interest of specific individuals or entities.
  • Having unclear or vague terms of engagement with suppliers to allow exploitation.

Respect for People:

We will always treat all individuals alike – irrespective of their relation to AFour, and respect his or her dignity. We will be courteous in our dealings with everybody we interact with including our employees, customers, suppliers, consultants, job applicants and stockholders. We will strive for win-win relationships.

Customer orientation:

Being a services organization, we will promote a “Customer First” work culture. We will set realistic expectations with the customers upfront and throughout the life span of a project. We will try not only to meet expectations but also to delight the customer. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction we will engage in an open dialog and try to work out the best possible outcome. We will strive to become a reliable and trusted partner of our customer. Whenever possible, we will provide additional support to customers in order to assist in their business.

Employee focus:

Our employees are our most important asset and we will treat them as such. We will employ, evaluate, promote, and award raises to people purely based on their contribution to AFour’s business and not any other criteria. Having decided the requirements for each job, only those who demonstrate their potential to meet the requirements will be employed by AFour. We will not allow any favoritism or nepotism. We will honestly answer all queries of prospective employees during the recruitment process to help them make an informed decision.

We will recognize and reward contribution of our employees irrespective of their position in AFour. We will actively support their growth and professional development. We will promote a work culture in which our employees feel encouraged, unafraid, and empowered to take risks in order to satisfy AFour’s customers and improve our capabilities.

Ownership and Accountability:

AFour’s leadership will be a model to the rest of the employees. Through personal example they will demonstrate to their team members the meaning and application of all the things mentioned in this document. The emphasis will be on collective brilliance and collective achievements, “we” and not “I”.  When there is success, they will look out of the window and attribute success to factors other than themselves. When things go poorly, however, they will look in the mirror and take full responsibility.

Our leaders will not resort to blame game in case of failures or problems. They will constantly strive to acquire and improve leadership and management skills to meet the challenges of AFour’s business.


We will promote a team-based and informal culture and establish a fun and safe working environment. People will feel free and unafraid to express their views. We will foster a culture of problem-solving in place of analysis-paralysis and finger-pointing. We will forbid any type of discrimination or harassment in our offices.

In essence, even though most of our employees will be on projects working closely with customer teams, they will always proudly represent the AFour culture.

We will not tolerate any kind of workplace politics, examples of which are listed below:

  • Giving access of required knowledge to only selected people.
  • Forming groups to defy business decisions of AFour leaders.
  • Holding customer projects hostage to demands.
  • Finding loopholes and bypassing AFour policies for personal gain.
  • Informing the customer about change of job before the AFour manager in order to pressurize the customer and AFour management.


We will be responsible to the community in which we work and live. We will serve as a reliable source of information on matters pertaining to our field of business. We will contribute to the betterment of the society in the areas of civic improvement, education and health.

We will be aware of environmental issues and work to protect the natural resources.