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Application delivery has changed from large scale, project-based implementations into a continuous development. DevOps makes this possible by attracting company, development and performance teams together and implementing automatic methods to streamline IT.

The capability to roll out enhanced business capacities continuously is becoming essential in the modern digital world. Thus, DevOps becomes the key to set up a unified growth and Operations surroundings. AFour Technologies helps you with the principles of Agile and Lean, that further simplifies infrastructure automation.

“DevOps is not a Goal, But a never-ending process of continual improvement” - Jez Humble, Author, The DevOps Handbook

Secure & Stable

AFour Technologies ensures rapid delivery of software by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and also facilitate continuous integration and development.

Secure & Stable

AFour Technologies enables centralized tracking, logging, proactive alerting and critical data dashboards to maintain your infrastructure environment protected and robust.

Getting the best out of capabilities!

DevOps experts at AFour Technologies perform audit on your current infrastructure, and provide an appraisal report outlining action points for automation and process optimization.

Time to market

At AFour Technologies, we automate and track your IT ecosystems together with our cutting edge zero-touch infrastructure automation, continuous integration and delivery.

Our Process

Our DevOps Services

CI/CD Pipeline

AFour Technologies provides DevOps services like designing CI/CD pipelines that focus more on build engineering and related automation.

Infrastructure Provisioning

AFour Technologies helps you automate infrastructure provisioning as an integral part of your end to end DevOps automation workflow.

Configuration Management

AFour Technologies helps you to make sure that a system performs as it's expected to as changes are made over time.

Monitoring and Alerting

AFour Technologies holds expertise in of the best practices in DevOps which helps in tracking the vital internal metrics and external metrics and gives overall visibility into the health of the system.


AFour Technologies provides systems support(RIM), cloud environment-related deployment, monitoring and support services. We also provide database development-related services.

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Earning Trust Since 2007

Established in 2007, AFour Technologies (a.k.a. AFour) focuses on Software Product Engineering Services comprising of UI/UX Design, Architecture Design and Consulting, Software Development, DevOps (CloudOps, SysOps, and DBOps), QA (Test Strategy and Implementation, Test Automation, Performance, Security) and Monitoring. With an excellent track record of over 10 years and a focus on software product engineering, AFour is a true example of self-belief, consistency, and transparency.

AFour is an ideation and technology house. Product companies associate with AFour for its product conceptualization and technology skills in a wide range of technologies like Java, Python, .NET, Javascript (MEAN), LAMP (Perl and PHP), Angular, React, C++.

The company is a hub of every cutting-edge technology in software product engineering services ─ Hyper-convergence, SDN, Virtualisation, Next Generation Data Center Technologies, Networking, Enterprise Mobility.

AFour Technologies have a talented team of security professionals with a proven track record in Cyber Security Services for the past 11 years. AFour Technologies has successfully delivered Cyber Security services to various industries.

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