A4mation can help you speed up your test automation efforts. Our Automation Accelerators will reduce the time it takes to build a solid Test Automation Suite by weeks, if not months, all while saving you money.

Our Accelerators are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, allowing us to deliver better web automation solutions in less time. 

The Benefits!

Using A4mation Automation Accelerator will quickly and efficiently integrate an automation framework into a QA process, allowing testers to generate test scripts faster. This also comes with the assurance that the framework’s foundation is secure, having been tested in other environments.

A4mation is suitable for users of all business domains. SDETS with python automation expertise can easily be ramped up on the automation accelerator to automate the frontend and backend testing requirements.



The Features 

  • Web UI automation
  • CLI automation
  • Cloud automation (AWS)
  • Rich library of reusable functions for API.
  • Rich library of reusable functions for Linux.
  • Rich library of reusable functions for Web UI browser operation.
  • Rich test reports and test logs: Used Allure reporting
  • Easy integration with Jenkins CI/CD pipelines
  • Supports testing with a data-driven test approach
  • Support API performance testing

Tools & Technologies used

  • Frameworks – pytest
  • Design Practices – Page Object Model
  • Technologies – Python, Selenium
  • OS – Ubuntu