6 Reasons Why Product Engineering Is Great for Personal and Professional Growth

Today, the Indian IT sector is among the most attractive destinations for engineering talent in the country. The sector itself contributed about 7.7% of India’s GDP in 2017. As the sector grows, it’s obvious that different types of opportunities become available to the top talent and the talented freshers looking at entering the industry.

Numerically, the largest chunk of IT services revolves around implementing complex software packages (like SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow etc.), providing support for complex in-house applications for the large enterprises out there (like payroll, billing, analytics, etc.), and data processing. These jobs are attractive as well as plentiful, but this post is about another key area of software-based services.

Product Engineering services it is! Often called “Outsourced Product Development”; it may be numerically a smaller segment, but we believe it makes for a great career option for the talented engineers out there.

Furthermore, product engineering companies use a variety of innovative methods to achieve design and engineering success in their product development process. These companies are known for their inherent passion for technology, adopting the latest frameworks, adapting to effective methodologies, building new programs and so on. They are driven by their focus on learning, growing, and delivering excellence. They provide quality work in the latest technologies and a great learning curve. Here are 8 advantages of working with product engineering companies:

They Inculcate a Habit of Design Thinking

Product engineering companies create a habit of design thinking as a norm. They understand that the human brain is hard-wired to be visual. And visualizing your thinking has almost everything to do with the engineer’s ability to communicate complex and abstract ideas easily. Since these companies thrive on innovation, they suspend judgment and embrace prototyping by quickly testing ideas. They tend to believe that even the concepts that are left on the floor can be revisited in future contexts and in several projects down the line.

They Provide Exposure to the Best Problem-Solving Practices

Instead of creating a set of do’s and don’ts for problem-solving, product engineering companies develop a culture of robust creative problem solvers by providing flexibility and improving interpersonal collaboration. Since these companies maintain a sharp focus on product launches and releases, they follow the fail fast and fix fast approach. This exposes employees to the best practices of problem-solving and shapes them to adapt to change and solve challenges in the future.

They Help in Building more Competencies

Product engineering companies work on fewer solutions / services and focus more on constant improvement. They use the latest technologies to transform with each update. They are continually investing time and efforts into making their products better in terms of user experience, design, and functionalities. They also tend to do this at a fast pace, which requires them to be more familiar with methodologies such as Agile and DevOps. Hence, they provide a great platform for increasing competencies through constant learning (and implementing!).

They Build an Ingrained Quality Focus

It’s inherent in product development that a software product that the client organization will be releasing into the wider market demands an extremely high degree of reliability and quality. This means embedding quality firmly into the product development process. Product engineering companies focus on more comprehensive testing, better testing tools and techniques, and scalable testing strategies.

They Focus on Relevant Technology

The world of technology is rapidly changing. Therefore, product development, companies tend to focus on technology that is solution-oriented. This is important in today’s era of digital disruption. The product engineering experts know that for any technology to be a game-changer, it must ease human effort. They pick technologies that can deliver that impact to the product. In essence, they don’t just focus on the technology but on what can be done with it. This helps employees gain hands-on experience with the most relevant technological trends to solve specific set of business problems.

They Offer Opportunities to Learn Customer Engagement

Product engineering teams are often firmly integrated with the product management function within the client organization. Also, it is a best practice for the product engineering companies to focus sharply on building strong  relationships with their customers. It is also a part of the territory that even individual contributors on the effort will be connected with and exposed to the end customer as they spend the required time to understand their customer’s needs and cater to those consistently. This allows employees not just to acquire technical knowledge but also to learn about customer engagement.

It’s clear that the advantages are many. Furthermore, the opportunity for the right tech talent in product engineering companies is immense. The great news is that the sector has immensely grown and truly opened-up over the last decade. The product engineering focus is apparent in large and small IT services companies in India development centers of large international product companies, and also, excitingly, Indian product companies that are making a worldwide mark.

So, the only question is, have you considered a career in product engineering?


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