6 Best Design Tools for UI/UX Designers

The debate over the definitions of UX and UI has been going on for almost as long as the terms have been around. UX stands for User Experience and UI stand for User Interface.

Information Technology, Software Development companies, IT product companies know the importance of UI & UX in design. Every single product, irrespective of wherever it is used, is designed with only one objective and that is a better design thinking process. However, to achieve this objective, every UI/UX designers must be aware of different types of UI/UX design tools and wireframe tools, which eventually helps them in delivering the ultimate experience and interface.

To achieve a great design, that can help in making a web or mobile app, easy to use, and result in complete customer satisfaction, it is important to have a smooth designing process. This can be achieved by using the best design tools available in the market. With a lot of focus laid by companies on UI/UX Design, there are many designing tools that have flooded the market, to support UI/UX Designers.

Here’s a list of the best productivity tools curated by us, and we hope you can figure out what you need, too.


The sketch is a vector-based modeling tool focused on user interface design. It’s easy to pick up and costs a fraction of Photoshop’s price. Because of its simplicity, someone with little to no experience may learn Sketch. On top of that, it’s great for today’s need to build on multiple devices. It is an application for vector drawing for all designers. It helps us to ensure that the UI can be put in the first place so that we can concentrate on responsive design rather than photo editing. The sketch is one of the strongest web interface design software for interaction and animation. Then what’s the drawback? It’s Mac OS exclusive!!


Figma is a cloud-based design platform that is close to Sketch in functionality and features, but with variations that make, Figma better for team collaboration. It is a real-time communication platform. It keeps everybody on the same page and supports both Windows and macOS — mainly everywhere because it is a browser-based tool. 

Design, model, and gather input from everyone at one location with Figma.


InVision is one of the best web interface design software that can turn your static design into functional prototypes. You can use animation and gesture features to create a fantastic website. It also provides the functions of team collaboration. InVision has a high level of project segmentation and a DSM hub so that teams can easily collaborate and share their work within them and with developers. With a deep understanding of screen design, InVision Studio enhances your artwork with fast prototyping, animation, integrated design, and more.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD was launched in 2016. XD is a vector-based painting program that can easily create prototypes with drawing boards, and an interaction can be clicked on. It is a prototyping platform for user interface and layout designers. Adobe XD functionality is used to build wireframes, prototypes, and screen designs for digital products such as websites and mobile apps. Overall, XD is your UI / UX design solution for web design and smartphone apps. It Designs and offers digital design specifications and product assets to your developers.


One more tool by Adobe, Illustrator is the industry-standard design software that lets you capture your artistic vision with shapes, colors, effects, and typography. You can work through desktop and mobile devices and easily create stunning projects that can go anywhere —web and applications, video and animation, and more. Not this, it is also an excellent vector graphics processing tool. In reality, Adobe XD is pretty lightweight, and it’s very easy to use.


When it comes to creativity, Adobe does excel all its competitors. Dreamweaver is another example of that. Dreamweaver is the best web editor to create a web page and maintain a web page. It is the first professional visual web development tool for web designers to easily create a spectacular immersive web page with no platforms and no browser limitations. And while you’re creating, you can check it in real-time.

As you can see — UI / UX designers need considerable investment in expertise and new operating tools, but this investment is about to bring a big return on profits. If you’re willing to devote time and effort, you can use simple (even refurbished) graphic design software and still produce competitive artwork.

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