5 Team-building activities to make remote meetings more engaging in 2021

Remember when you could go to a colleague’s office to ask a question! Or you could quickly bring a team together for an emergency brainstorming session! Today, COVID-19 has put an end to this spur-of-the-moment interaction and replaced it with back-to-back remote meetings.

Meetings are a vital aspect of team collaboration. Be it an All-Hands meeting, a Collaboration Session, or a 1:1 meeting, they have valid goals and represent critical organizational needs that cannot be entirely replaced by asynchronous communication. But running a remote meeting is hard and can feel overly transactional.

True conversations are more than words, where we’re looking at gestures, facial expressions, and body language to interpret what’s being said and how people feel.

A lot of this is lost over digital or online communication, which can make us feel less connected to the group. We need to think differently about remote meetings however this is also an opportunity to be imaginative and adventurous in such meetings.

In this blog, we shall present to you 5 Team-building activities for bringing more connectivity, fun, and creativity to your virtual meetings and avoid virtual meeting fatigue.

Start your meeting with an ice breaker.

Jumpstart communication and crack through the awkwardness with the ice breakers! 

Running a fun ice breaker can help stimulate the right brain, set the stage for innovation and engagement, and make the participants feel comfortable communicating and engaging with each other – the perfect conditions for a successful virtual meeting.

So, the next time you start a meeting, start with an Ice-breaker question or a similar activity.

Solve It!

Encourage your colleagues to step out of the box and introduce new ideas.

When preparing for any team building program, you still need to keep some space for events that require a lot of brainstorming.

Many employees already spend much of their time in front of their computers, frequently doing the same monotonous activities. Well, you can break this chain by challenging them to solve any code, problem, or puzzle.

Here, you do not need to think about creating specific problems for each team, but you can throw a single, demanding code and ask them to fix it within a given timeframe. And as simple as it is, any team that can solve the problem first wins a prize.

Creating Stories.

We, humans, are very good at developing stories that can astound everyone. It could come from our mates or our HR managers (what’s the best you’ve heard so far?)

The same is also true for engaging and enjoyable team-building events. The only thing you need to do here is to say a few random words that will be familiar to all. And then ask them to construct a story using certain random words or phrases. Doing this is going to be fun, and your employees are going to enjoy it as they laugh with their stories.

Dig Up a Fact or Scavenger Hunt

Dig up a fact is another perfect way to teach your employees about certain lesser-known but fascinating facts. These facts may be about something like a country, a person of significance, a business, or a career.

You should ask your teams to settle on an area for this activity, and then dig up some amazing, less established information about it. You can further spice things up by telling the teams to plan a short presentation and show it to their colleagues.

It’s a great virtual team building activity, putting everyone together to deliver one thing in common. Through this, employees can not only come to know some new information but will also foster a stronger camaraderie and improve their ability to work as a team, with everyone having different roles to play.


Enough of learning new things, and now it’s time to test the knowledge of the employees. Since it’s a fast-paced event, it’s going to challenge all the teams to give their best and win whatever it takes.

You may prepare questions on various topics related to the industry, market, technology, culture, geography, current events, and much more based on your preferences. Here you can also arrange a few helplines, for example-

Allowing a team to get support from the other team for a maximum of two occasions, and if the answer is correct, the point will be split between the two teams. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Therefore, make this game of wit even more fun for your remote employees.

Wrapping up

The main problem associated with remote work is that employees feel isolated if they do not receive enough attention from both their colleagues and managers. And it is becoming very important to keep this in check by coordinating online team building events from time to time.

The virtual team building activities mentioned above provide you with a way to fill the void and get your remote employees closer together. You can either choose to coordinate any one activity or combine a few to create an enticing virtual team building program.

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