5 Best Cyber Security Penetration Testing Tools

The success of any new software and web application depends heavily on the lifecycle of its testing. These involve different kinds of processes and procedures that track the output of software under various conditions. This can be in the form of checking the programme to check vulnerability areas, security management and much more.

Security and penetration tests are important since this is the only way to find vulnerabilities. Ignoring these flaws may lead to device violations, personal consumer data loss and incidents that might potentially destroy the product.

Therefore, it is critical for any organization to find the optimal tool for security testing. The choice depends on the way end-users would use the software or web application.

There are plenty of resources available for security testing, but they do not address all vulnerabilities as a result, multiple tools are needed to cover all bases.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is also known as pen testing which means that an expert in computer security use security vulnerabilities in a computer the programme, identify them and take advantage of the same. These specialists, who are also classified as hackers or ethical hackers, simulate real-world scenarios or cases used by criminals known as Black-Hat hackers.

Therefore, implementing penetration analysis or testing is like recruiting security advisors to try and target a safe facility to decide if real criminals can do it. Organizations use the findings to make their applications safer.

Top Tools used for Penetration Testing 

  • Acunetix Scanner

Acutenix is an automated test platform for conducting a penetration test. The tool can inspect complex management reports and enforcement problems. A variety of network vulnerabilities can be resolved by the programme. Acunetix can also include vulnerabilities that are outside of the band.

This advanced tool incorporates the common Issue Trackers and WAFs. With a high detection rate, Acunetix is one of the industry’s state-of-the-art cross-site scripting and SQLi checks, containing advanced XSS detection. Acunetix is an excellent tool for checking the insecurity of your website. It has the highest identification within the main themes and plugins of WordPress vulnerabilities.

  • John the Ripper Password Cracker

One of the most common flaws is passwords. Attackers can take passwords and access sensitivity systems to steal credentials. John the Ripper is part of the Rapid7 family of tools to detect weak passwords in UNIX systems, which use NTLM hash to store passwords on Windows, Kerberos, and other systems for penetration testing. The tool is also provided by the MD4, LDAP, and MySQL hash security modules.

For this reason, John the Ripper offers a variety of frameworks, the main tool for password cracking. This tool is free and is an open-source tool.

  • Aircrack

Aircrack NG is designed to crack faults within wireless networks via data packets for the efficient export of text files for review through an efficient protocol. Aircrack was upgraded in 2019.

This tool is supported for WEP dictionary attacks on many OSs and platforms. It has faster follow-up speed than most other penetration tools and allows multiple cards and drivers. After the WPA handshake has been registered the suite is able to use a password dictionary and WEP statistical techniques.

  • Nessus

Nessus has been used for 20 years as an important tool for safety penetration testing. The application is used by 27,000 businesses worldwide. With over 45,000 CEs and 100,000 plugins, the programme is one of the strongest testing instruments on the market. Great to check IP addresses, websites, and complete confidential data searches. You can use it to identify “weak points” in your systems.

This tool is simple to use, provides an overview of your network vulnerabilities and an accurate scan by clicking on a button. The pen test app checks open ports, poor passwords, and errors in setup.

  • Netsparker

Netsparker Security Scanner is a common automated penetration test programme. From site scripting to SQL injection all the programme can classify. This tool can be used by developers on blogs, web services and web applications.

The system is efficient enough to simultaneously search anything from 500 to 1000 web applications. With attack options, automation, and URL rewrite rules, you can adapt your security scan. Netsparker uses weak points in a read-only manner automatically. There is evidence of exploitation. The vulnerability effect is immediately evident.


This is just the tip of an iceberg, there are various penetration test methods available in the market. These are the five resources that help you to detect failures in the system (that can make the application vulnerable to security violations).

The above blog is one of the many steps taken by our team at AFour Technologies towards our continuous efforts of educating businesses about various security threats. If this is something you or your business is also concerned about, our security experts would love to have a conversation with you. 

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