10 Testers to Follow on Twitter

It is impossible to follow everyone in the Software Testing industry who is sharing information about Testing, Automation, QA etc. So we have short-listed 10 most interesting Twitter handles that we found will add spark to your Twitter feed.

1. Jon Bach

Tweets at: @jbtestpilot
Jon is an effective collaborator and networker on Twitter. Be it a trend or event on software testing, Jon shares it on his Twitter handle to create buzz as well as informing the testing fraternity.

2. Lanette Creamer

Tweets at: @lanettecream
Lanette loves test methodology and has been enthusiastically and intentionally dedicated to software quality since 2000. Lanette performs software tests and interacts with designers, product owners and developers on Twitter. When she isn’t testing, she’s planning for it, talking about it and trying to insert quality into every possible discussion.

3. Michael Bolton

Tweets at: @michaelbolton
Michael’s Twitter handle states “I solve testing problems that other people can’t solve, and I teach people how they can do it too.” Do we need to say more!! He is known for his witty take on practical testing problems.

4.  James Bach

Tweets at: @JamesMarcusBach
James Marcus Bach is a software tester, author, trainer and consultant. He is a proponent of exploratory testing and the context-driven school of software testing and is credited with developing session-based testing.

5. Chris McMahon

Tweets at: @chris_mcmahon
Chris is a software tester and former professional bass player and is currently the QA Lead at Wikimedia Foundation. Chris has been part of the software testing community since about 2004, both writing about the industry and contributing to open source projects like Watir, Selenium, and FreeBSD as well as testing systems deep and wide from mainframes to web applications

6. Dawn Test Code

Tweets at: @dckismet
This non-personal Twitter handle helps you solve software testing problems. It crowdsources ideas to solve problems as well as collaborate with others.

7. Markus Gärtner

Tweets at: @mgaertne
Markus is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Pracitioner, software craftsman who specializes in software testing, people and systems thinking. He tweets about Acceptance Test-driven development, Exploratory Testing, and skillful human testing which includes the whole development cycle from idea, vision, coding, finally on to delivery and maintenance.

8. QAHatesYou

Tweets at: @qahatesyou
This Twitter handle is funny take on software testing and issues related to it.

9. Griffin Jones

Tweets at: @Griff0Jones
Griffith is an Agile coach, consultant, context-driven software tester, and FDA regulatory compliance professional. He tweets a lot in the area of healthcare and innovative testing methodologies.

10. Parimala Shankaraiah

Tweets at: @curioustester
She tweets about testing UX, Mobile and E-Commerce.  Parimala is known for writing about testing with a curious and inquisitive tone.

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